Remi K A Kajopaiye
Le Bon Real Estate

Your Real Estate  Foreclosure Specialist 

Are You Going Through Foreclosure Due to Some Of  The following: 

  • Reduced Income or Unemployment?
  • Behind On Your Mortgage Payment?
  • Severe Illness or Medical Bills?
  • Too Much Debt/Bills
  • Divorce/Separation?
  • Relocation?



 What is Foreclosure and how long do I have to get out of the house  after foreclosure? What is the alternative to Foreclosure?Please contact me for answers and much more  to all these questions for a FREE PRIVATE CONSULTATION.

With over ten plus years of Experience with Foreclosure, together we can identify all possible options and when possible assist you in the quick  execution of a short sale transaction. We will negotiate with your lender/lenders of all liens on your property as well as  for a relocation payment when available. Remember it's never too late to get help, and you are under no obligation with your free confidential consultation.

" The worst decision to make is do nothing at all" . Let Me Help You Stop Foreclosure And Preserve Your Credit